Education is one of several important aspects in human life. Well-implemented education system is the key to producing quality generations. Through higher and advanced civilization education can be born in the community. Along with the times, technology instructs various aspects of life including education. Higher education as a center for further education needs to provide a learning process that utilizes information and communication technology. Here are some of the uses of information technology in education today:


Providing Varied Learning Media

In conventional learning practices, teaching and learning activities generally only rely on reading books or other textual media such as worksheets or photocopies. The use of technology is able to serve teaching and learning activities in a more sophisticated manner by providing a variety of learning media. The presence of virtual reality technology offers increasingly sophisticated learning. Teaching and learning activities with virtual reality provide new learning experiences that are more real so as to provide more understanding for students.

Access Unlimited Materials

In the past, we could only rely on books in finding material to explore certain subjects. In addition, books in the school library can provide additional information. Unfortunately the number is very limited. The internet helps provide unlimited access for students and students to explore material from various sources. Wide accessibility is an important support for curiosity fulfillment. Meanwhile, teachers do not only rely on material from old published books. However, it can present new data and information so that it is connected with the latest scientific developments.

More Interesting Learning Materials

Variations in learning media need to be supported by an interesting presentation of material. Students may be too bored with material that is too theoretical so they don’t get a real understanding. By utilizing information technology, teachers can present more interesting materials. For example, providing a clear and relevant context so that students get a comprehensive understanding.

Teaching Methods are Not Monotonous

The next benefit of information technology is to help teachers find fresher teaching methods. Audio and video containing learning materials to e-learning software have proven to be a breath of fresh air for teaching methods.

Flexibility of Learning Activities

The use of computers or cellphones that are strengthened by the internet allows learning activities to take place flexibly. Educators and students can carry out teaching and learning activities online and in real time from anywhere. Learning activities can also be carried out without being bound by time. With the support of retrieval and storage technology embedded in computers, cellphones or tablets, students can continue their learning activities at any time.

Increase Learning Interest

Presentation of material in a variety of ways that are in line with varied learning methods is an important capital to support students’ interest in learning. With fun learning activities, they tend to enjoy the learning process more.