As the main actor in driving change, of course the library has an important role in increasing the mastery of public literacy. However, the role of parents in making this happen is no less important. This is because interest in reading is considered low which can have a big impact on the quality of insight of the younger generation. Therefore, children should be accustomed to visiting the library from an early age. Because, there are several reasons why taking children to the library is important. Here are some reasons you need to know about the importance of taking your children to the library, including:


1. Improve Children’s Brain Ability

Reading can actually help brain development, especially in the first five years of a child’s life. The reason is, when children read something, their brain cells will become more active. Interestingly, this can also form new cell connections in the brain, as well as strengthen those that have been formed before. On the other hand, reading can also improve communication skills, namely language and basic literacy.

2. Teaching Children New Responsibilities

The library has various rules that need to be obeyed by its visitors. One of them is the prohibition to be noisy or make noise. This of course can increase the child’s sense of responsibility to always comply with applicable regulations. In addition, children who borrow books from the library can certainly learn new responsibilities in looking after other people’s belongings.

3. Improving Children’s Socialization Ability

Of course, children can read a collection of children’s books, while interacting with friends the same age. Inviting children to the library so that they read specifically in the children’s collection room is a great way to improve children’s social skills. In addition, the collection of children’s books in the Children’s Services Room is certainly quite complete. Ranging from religious themed books, illustrated stories, to encyclopedias which are also equipped with pictures typical of children’s books.

4. Improving Children’s Imagination

Reading books can also improve children’s ability to imagine. Especially characters, places, pictures of objects, and other aspects of the stories or books that children read. Not only that, children are also expected to be able to imagine to understand the feelings of the characters in the stories they read. This of course can have a positive impact on social development and creativity in children when they grow up.