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Dr. Lenny Smithjoins [email protected] from the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at Virginia Tech with analysis and schooling pursuits in statistics. Dr. Smith gave a enjoyable and really informative [email protected] Seminar,obtainable to observe on YouTube, in the Fall of 2020. Sheyda Davaria joined the Center for Space Science and Engineering Research ([email protected]) as a Research Associate in January of 2021. Sheyda was working within the Vibrations, Adaptive Structures, and Testing Laboratory and her Ph.D. analysis was centered on creating energetic artificial hair cell sensors inspired by the cochlear amplifier. Her main areas of expertise are in Nonlinear Dynamics, Modal Testing, Vibrations, and Controls. In addition to performing research, Sheyda instructed or co-instructed vibrations courses.

science research

We develop, monitor, and enhance infrastructure, buildings, transportation routes, the ability supply, and everyday activities in crowded, urban environments. We examine the bodily features of sensing, producing, accumulating, storing, transporting, and processing giant data units. We have accelerated the tempo of discovery by working on five of society’s most challenging issues. In particular, the newsletter will be our new and unique mechanism for asserting new samples or new pattern alternatives obtainable to the group across all of our collections. Our interactive webinars are designed to attach educator-led pupil teams in formal and/or casual classroom environments with Subject Matter Experts to generate curiosity, excitement, and awareness of NASA science.

She was awarded 1st place in the Virginia Tech College of Engineering’s Paul Torgersen Research Excellence Award in 2019. Over the past year, we’ve welcome three new researchers to our Center with the additions of Sheyda Davaria, Dr. Lenny Smith and Dr. Greg Young. Entrepreneurs are in a position to put ideas from research into follow, and thus make them accessible for people and society normally. We discover profound and pressing questions about how the data revolution will remodel society as a complete.

Read the VT News article for more info on this satellite built by students. Launch is at present scheduled for Feb. 20th, 2021, however observe the [email protected] LinkedIn for more updates. ECE researchers might be conducting atmospheric gravity wave research via in-situ measurements of wave perturbations within the ionosphere and distant sensing of the middle atmosphere.

These measurements can then be correlated with weather maps of the lower environment, allowing for atmospheric coupling research over a wide altitude vary. A sounding rocket program is underway to discover the higher environment of the Earth’s polar night. We are particularly fascinated within the concentration of aurora-produced nitric oxide–which is a catalytic destroyer of ozone. The long polar winter nights are anticipated to contain giant ranges of nitric oxide, but with few observations, this isn’t well understood.