flowchart is a chart (chart) that displays the flow (flow) in a program or which is a procedure on a system logically Algorithm. flowcharts are generally used for communication aids and for documentation.

Programming Algorithm Interpretation

The definition of an algorithm is a sequence or flow that is used in calculations or solving problems systematically. And in programming activities algorithms are often considered as logic in determining the program to be made.This means that it is a way of thinking about how to dismantle the problem, if it is necessary to use mathematical formulas, then the program must also use calculation factors. But if you only use logic, then the program must also have simple logic factors.Determining the algorithm in a programming is a very basic thing, therefore we must also be able to understand and recognize the initial session in programming. Solving the algorithm can be tried in two ways, namely in writing and photos, but it all depends on the technique or the session used by a programmer.


Use Programming Algorithms

Here are the benefits and advantages of using algorithms in programming:The use of algorithms in a program, can solve even more complex cases in programs that may be able to relate calculations to a large degree.Can be minimized by the application of algorithms in programming.It can make programming easier. Because with the existence of an algorithm, the logic used can be simplified. The use of code can also be more systematic if the algorithm is used correctly.

Not only can make it easier in a program, to develop it can also be easier because first the script is made sequentially and systematically. Can minimize the making of programs repeatedly starting from an early age. Because a program can also practice the same algorithm. So that various programming activities can be efficient and effective.In making a program, of course, will make some errors, this is normal. And with the implementation of the algorithm, so that the search for errors can also be more easily fixed quickly.

When you want to make modifications to a program. You just need to work on one material without having to change to another material. This is because a program must have been arranged systematically. So that things can make it easier for you if you want to change.Not only that, algorithms in programming can also implement top-down and divide-and-conquer approaches. This matter also contained significant matters in the activities of the programming process.

Algorithm is a systematic flow or sequence whose purpose is to solve a problem and one way of delivering it is through a flowchart, In this case it can be quite obvious in that it is a very striking comparison to algorithms and flowcharts.On the other hand, a flowchart is a depiction or diagram that has one or more flows, but in this case it only applies sequentially or continuously. Not only that, there are usually certain symbols that become an embodiment of each plot, which are related to arrows.Maybe in this case it is different with an algorithm on a flowchart that has a function as a program design that we have made.So that in these two matters cannot be separated. The design of this flowchart is derived from our mindset in advance (algorithm).